What is TeamSite?

TeamSite is like a facebook page for your sport team. It helps you and your players communicate and save time


Upload your team schedule. Sync with your personal calendar

Team Wall

Game reminders, team messages and recent results. Automatically posted to your team wall


Make sure your have a full team! Players can RSVP directly in the email reminders

Results and Stats

Who is the top scorer?
Are we on a winning streak?


Contact your subs when you need extra players

Public or Private Access

Decide what public users can see


  • Works on all Devices

    Players can join instantly without any apps to install

  • Anyone can follow your team online

    By default your schedule, roster, and scores are available to the public

  • 100% Free

    Competitors like Teamsnap charge for features our users get for free

  • RSVP directly in the email reminders

    Before each game your players will receive a game reminder with simple RSVP buttons

  • A better way to track availability

    Allows you to track your players, subs, coaches, and others seperately

  • Unique Team Wall

    Captures everything that's important to your team in 1 place

Why it's better than TeamSnap?

A superior user experience

Less hassle for your players to use. Works on every players device instantly

You save $149.88 (8 cases of free beer!)

Wouldn't you rather give that to you players?

TeamSnap fee is $12.49 times 12 = $149.88/year

Check out my Personal Team

We've used TeamSnap for many years (and paid $12.49) then we switched to TeamSite for last season
It's been so much easier! Especially to bring on new players and managing subs

vs TeamSnap

public facing